ERP and HCM as a seamlessly integrated solution – a collaborative partnership

ERP and HCM as a seamlessly integrated solution – a collaborative partnership

Published on

15 Oct 2022

interview victor taiwo, CEO amt digital

Business is based on trust and reliable collaborative partnerships lead to effective solutions. One of the largest mobile telephone and mobile money network operators in Africa engaged AMT Digital to implement Oracle NetSuite in Liberia. AMT Digital was already working with the customer on their back-office transformation project including a more cost-effective and easily deployable cloud-based ERP solution for their smaller operating companies in Africa. AMT Digital focuses mainly on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, but this time the client also required a human capital management (HCM) solution. Victor Taiwo, CEO of AMT Digital, discussed the project with Popay’s Pierre Lamboray, he found him to exude a sense of calm and experience, resulting in his suggestion to partner with Popay.

“When working with Popay, I know the quality will shine through.”

Popay provided both a NetSuite-integrated HR and payroll solution as well as implementation and support services. This successful endeavour was the first of many such projects throughout Africa, with AMT Digital focusing on ERP and Popay on HCM. The first collaboration project was completed in 2019; since then, AMT Digital and Popay have implemented the NetSuite and Popay HR and Payroll combination for numerous legal entities across Africa.

AMT Digital has implemented the Popay HR and Payroll solution to support their own back office, and have realised from their own experience that Popay is a trusted partner. Together, they deliver a comprehensive NetSuite ERP, HR and payroll solution that meets client requirements in a multitude of industries.

Enterprise resource planning serves as a solution for the corporate back office, but that is not enough for many clients that also require an efficient resource management solution. A cloud-based system is efficient and supports universal remote access, providing an overview of the entire enterprise, anytime and anywhere. The solution often exceeds expectations, especially given how COVID-19 has transformed the way people work.

AMT Digital implements Oracle NetSuite and tailors it to meet the client’s business requirements. Popay provides HR and payroll software with full NetSuite integration, to support the human capital management, HR and payroll, requirements. This collaboration in terms of software, seamless integration and implementation results in considerable business benefits, especially in terms of efficiency and cost savings.

“Since our first successful project,
we have worked on many others, across Africa.”

The Popay HR and payroll solution is suitable for the legal requirements in over 30 African countries, enabling the client to shift their focus to their core business and work with people regardless of borders. Popay provides a software solution that can be speedily rolled out in companies across Africa. Popay is AMT Digital’s go-to company when clients require seamless integration of HR and payroll solution in Oracle NetSuite.

AMT Digital and Popay work together as partners to deliver an integrated ERP, HCM and payroll solution based on Oracle NetSuite ERP and the Popay package. Both partners take joint responsibility for the agreed scope of the project, in a climate of mutual trust that leads to efficient, effective results and thus meets client requirements.

Not only do AMT Digital and Popay implement the software, they also provide support to ensure successful user adoption and change management. Customer support is provided on every step of their transformation journey.