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Do you want to increase salaries and award bonuses to employees at the end of the year? It is often a challenge to get that done properly and easily, based on organisation and employee results. One option is for each department to get a certain percentage of the overall budget, so the manager can distribute it using a formula. Or you can arrange it individually based on performance, linked to scores from the evaluation. However you approach this process, you can arrange it efficiently, conveniently and seamlessly with the online salary review.


  • Save time: you will work a lot more efficiently through automated procedures
  • Less prone to errors and privacy issues: no more separate emails or printouts
  • Professional approach: less discussion with employees
  • Less ad hoc and more compliance: you let the system work for you
  • Your people can save their energy for other matters: empower HR!

Automated process

This allows you to take into account approval procedures effortlessly – we set this up for you based on your organisational chart. And the input? You receive this automatically from the payroll and the performance modules. And the output? After validation, it automatically updates the payroll. That saves a lot of time!

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Performance Solution

An integrated salary review process

You can include in your review decision process the employee's recent performance as well as information such as seniority, grade or salary history.

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Payroll Solution

An integrated salary review process

Automatically push approved salary adjustments and bonuses in the payroll. 

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