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With Popay Docs, you set up a complete digital record of your employees. It allows you to archive sensitive information securely and share it with employees. The self-service feature gives them instant access to their payslips and other stored documents.

We fully automate the processes behind it. This starts when you hire a new employee. They can choose between viewing their pay slips online or receiving a PDF. The complete process of giving permission, logging in for the first time and signing the terms and conditions is all done digitally and automatically. This is also the case if someone leaves employment but still needs access to their pay slips for a while.



From Popay Docs, you can also quickly and easily send personalised news releases or create documents, such as in the event of a change in the law. Furthermore, you can manage mandatory documents to be supplied here, such as a copy of an ID card or diplomas. Not submitted yet? Then the employee will automatically receive a notification. Has an employee obtained a certificate through Popay Learn? Then it will be displayed here. The employee, a manager or someone from HR can also upload documents themselves. In other words, a complete online file!


  • Work faster and more efficiently: documents are easy to find
  • Safe and secure: only visible to the right people in a secure environment
  • More control: employees do not need to go to HR to see their full, digital file
  • Everything concerning pay slips and other documents is arranged automatically and personally
  • Return on investment: you will earn your money back within three months
  • Customer-specific processes? We create exactly what you need
  • Your people can save their energy for other matters: empower HR!

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