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Do you work with different systems that require you to enter basic data several times, but you would prefer to manage everything in one place? That makes sense, because it would save you a lot of time and help avoid errors. 


  • Manage all HR processes from a single platform
  • Clear interface providing insight into data transfer
  • Less prone to error, as you only enter data in one place
  • Switching gears is faster as you are actively kept informed of any deviations
  • Cost-saving: the faster you resolve any inconsistencies, the better
  • Efficiency: all of the systems ‘talk’ to each other
  • Easy to maintain thanks to the handy modules
  • In addition to the standard connectors, we also create custom connectors
  • Flexible customisation: we create exactly what you need
  • Your people can save their energy for other matters: empower HR!

Connect the dots

Popay Connect links and automates existing HR applications (both internal and external) into one coherent, intelligent automated platform. Plug in to organise your payroll and HR processes around the globe. We have a number of standard connectors in Connect that we can activate in no time. Do you have an application in your HRIS landscape that the standard connectors are not yet suitable for? No worries, we'll customise it for you. No more duplicate entries, just a single source for all your HR data.

Popay Connect integrates solutions and data flows, with built-in controls and ‘cross functional’ reports and dashboards. If something goes wrong, you will know immediately and will be able to switch gears right away. If you are missing certain features in the systems you currently work with, you can quietly supplement them with Popay Connect: connecting the dots. This make your work transparent, clear and uniform.

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