popay data hub

A secure digital safe



With the Popay Data Hub, we bring all of the possible HR and payroll data together in one central system. No matter what your end goal, this allows you to archive data securely and cost-effectively when migrating to a new HR system. Bringing different data sources together for consultation and reporting purposes is also no problem.


  • Complete database with all HR and personnel data
  • No more legacy source systems needed (including costs)
  • A single platform for all your (global) payrolls
  • All local payrolls connected and integrated in one system
  • Overview of payroll processing status per country
  • Overview in total labour costs and number of employees
  • Quick and easy search: all the data close at hand
  • Secure: GDPR compliance completely up to date
  • Flexible customisation: we create exactly what you need
  • Your people can save their energy for other matters: empower HR!

One system

Interested in putting together several (payroll) administrations in one system, perhaps because your organisation has branches in several countries? That’s possible, too. It doesn’t matter if there are multiple systems – we can bring everything together. This makes the total number of employees and total labour costs visible to you. The data hub offers a powerful and intuitive user interface. And to make it even easier, we are creating a uniform self-service feature for all employees where they can access their data and pay slips.

Popay Data Hub is your guarantee of secure central storage for all your data. Easy and controlled.

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